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We offer a wide range of concrete options: light duty and heavy-duty concrete systems for parking lots, loading docks, driveways, roads, footing, and foundations. We can incorporate multiple design schemes from reinforcement systems to concrete mix design and finishing applications. Ask us about our new Concrete Pump Services!


Eventually, all asphalt pavement fails and needs to be repaired or replaced. Large areas of potholes, cracks, and water pooling are things to watch for as they are key indicators of pavement failure. The percent of a failed pavement area or section will determine if a complete parking lot, or just an area, will need to be reconstructed. This process requires full-depth removal of the existing pavements in place, with possible sub-grade excavations. We got the material you need. 


  • HMAC TxDot

  • Commercial Mixes


CAPA counts with its own local manufacturing plant ready to fabricate culvert boxes, inlets, manholes, and other custom pipe designs to fit your project’s needs. Our experience creating underground utilities including installation of new or repairing storm sewer pipe, makes us your number one option for concrete pipe in the Rio Grande Valley.

  • Reinforced Concrete Pipe 

  • Storm Sewer Inlets

  • Box Culverts

  • Manholes


Plant Certifications

  • TxDot

  • ACPA Q-Cast



  • ACPA Quality School Certification 

  • SCI Strength Technician Level 1

  • ACI Field Testing Technician 


One CAPA advantage is that it produces its own aggregates: sand gravel, and flexible base (caliche) from local pits that allow us to offer the best competitive pricing to our customers. We have an in-house Engineers who provide a wealth of expertise in the material produced and sold to our customers; as well as an In-house Estimator who is available to assist customers with materials needs a quality if required.

Operated mining facilities produces

  • Sand

  • Gravel

  • Caliche



Our corporate office is in Palmview, Texas. CAPA is a front-runner in providing concrete solutions, asphalt paving, pipe, and aggregates. We are a trusted choice for commercial property and residential community construction. 


We believe in delivering excellent services which extend the life of your investment through the combined work of our continuously upgraded technology, engineering experts and superior materials. We understand the importance of budgets in decision making processes, so you know that CAPA gives you the best service at the most competitive rates.


Engineering and Operational support production facilities located throughout the Rio Grande Valley area for your convenience. Our production facilities have a reputation for producing the highest quality Concrete, Asphalt, Pipe and Aggregate products to TxDOT standards.


We have been operating in the RGV area for over 30 years in the following areas:






Residential Communities


All Valley Trucking, LLP

Magic Valley Concrete, LLC

Rio Valley Pipe, LLC

Upper Valley Materials, LLC





For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 956-580-2502 or fill out the following form

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